The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day Twenty-Three: Inspired by a Movie

Hello Everyone!
The 'Inspired-by' prompts are really great, and hard too. There are several other Inspired-by prompts which I have never imagined. So for today's theme Inspired-by a Movie, I did a nail art dedicated to a hilarious movie: the Disney Moana, launched in 2016, about a girl who tries to save Mother Earth from a demigod, Maui. Here is the Nail art-

 The 31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Movie

So for the index one I used Milani White as a base, and the flowers are freehand by acrylic paint (alongwith the magical fish-hook of Maui, and the locket). For the middle and small finger the base is Look Nail Color Turquoise 11. For the ring finger I used Dance Legend Military 04.

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  1. Nice mani, though I donno the film! :-)

  2. I love the movie and the mani! This is beautiful especially that flower. Wow.

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